West Bengal Government All Schemes 2024

West Bengal Government All Schemes .পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার বিভিন্ন সমাজকল্যাণমূলক প্রকল্প চালু করেছে যা রাজ্যের মানুষের আর্থ-সামাজিক উন্নতির দিকে লক্ষ্য রাখে। কন্যাশ্রী প্রকলপা মেয়েদের শিক্ষার মাধ্যমে তাদের উন্নয়ন করে, রূপশ্রী প্রকলপা বিয়ের জন্য আর্থিক সহায়তা দেয়। স্বাস্থ্যসাথী স্বাস্থ্যবীমা প্রদান করে, আর সবুজ সাথী স্কুল শিক্ষার্থীদের সাইকেল প্রদান করে। কৃষক বন্ধু কৃষকদের আর্থিক সহায়তা দেয়, আর খাদ্যসাথী প্রকল্প খাদ্য নিরাপত্তা নিশ্চিত করে। উৎকর্ষ বাংলা বেকার যুবকদের দক্ষতা উন্নয়ন করে, যুবশ্রী আর্থিক সহায়তা প্রদান করে। নিজো গৃহ, নিজ ভূমি গৃহহীনদের জমি প্রদান করে, আর মানবিক পেনশন প্রতিবন্ধীদের জন্য মাসিক পেনশন দেয়। এছাড়াও সাবলা, স্নেহের পারাস, নিরাশ্রয় প্রকল্প ইত্যাদি প্রকল্পগুলি সমাজের বিভিন্ন স্তরের মানুষের কল্যাণে কাজ করে।

West Bengal Government All Schemes
Sl No.DistrictWebsite
4.Dakshin Dinajpurhttps://ddinajpur.nic.in/
16.North 24 Parganashttp://north24parganas.gov.in/
17.Paschim Bardhamanhttps://paschimbardhaman.gov.in/
18.Paschim Medinipurhttps://www.paschimmedinipur.gov.in/
19.Purba Bardhamanhttps://purbabardhaman.nic.in/
20.Purba Medinipurhttps://purbamedinipur.gov.in/
22.Uttar Dinajpurhttp://uttardinajpur.nic.in/
23.South 24 Parganashttps://s24pgs.gov.in/

West Bengal Government All Schemes

1. Aikyashree Scholarship Scheme

  • Objective: To provide financial support for the education of students from minority communities.
  • Benefits: Scholarships at pre-matric, post-matric, and merit-cum-means levels for students from minority communities.

2. Banglashree Express Service

  • Objective: To enhance public transportation.
  • Benefits: Efficient and reliable express bus services across the state.

3. Gatidhara Scheme

  • Objective: To assist unemployed youth in purchasing commercial vehicles.
  • Benefits: Loans and subsidies for buying commercial vehicles to promote self-employment.

4. Gitanjali Housing Scheme

  • Objective: To provide affordable housing for economically weaker sections.
  • Benefits: Financial assistance for constructing or purchasing homes.

5. Hawker Support Scheme, 2020

  • Objective: To support street vendors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Benefits: Financial aid to help hawkers and street vendors.

6. Jai Bangla Scheme, 2020

  • Objective: To provide financial support to marginalized communities.
  • Benefits: Monthly pensions and financial aid to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other backward classes.

7. Jaladhara Scheme

  • Objective: To support fishermen.
  • Benefits: Financial assistance for purchasing fishing equipment and boats.

8. Kanyashree Prakalpa

  • Objective: To improve the status of girls through education.
  • Benefits: Annual scholarships and one-time grants for girls to stay in school and delay marriage.

9. Karma Sathi Prakalpa

  • Objective: To promote entrepreneurship among youth.
  • Benefits: Loans up to Rs. 2 lakh for self-employment ventures.

10. Karmashree Prakalpa

  • Objective: This project provides people with their skills, development and employment opportunities.
  • Benefits: Training and employment for unemployed youth.

11. Krishak Bandhu Scheme

  • Objective: To provide financial support to farmers.
  • Benefits: Annual financial aid and insurance cover for farmers.

12. Khadya Sathi Scheme

  • Objective: To ensure food security.
  • Benefits: Subsidized food grains to the majority of the population.

13. Lokprasar Prakalpa

  • Objective:  
  • This project provides  support folk song artists.
  • Benefits: Financial assistance and recognition for folk artists and their work.

14. Lakshmir Bhandar Prakalpa

  • Objective: To provide financial assistance to women.
  • Benefits: Monthly income support to women from economically weaker sections.

15. MANABIK Pension Scheme, 2018

  • Objective: To support persons with disabilities.
  • Benefits: Monthly pension for individuals with disabilities.

16. National Trust Schemes

  • Objective: To assist persons with disabilities.
  • Benefits: Various schemes for the welfare of persons with disabilities.

17. Nijo Griha Nijo Bhumi

  • Objective: To provide land and housing for the landless.
  • Benefits: Allocation of land and financial aid for housing construction.

18. Nijashree Housing Scheme for LIG/ MIG

  • Objective: To provide affordable housing.
  • Benefits: Housing schemes for low and middle-income groups.

19. “Prachesta” (প্রচেষ্টা)

  • Objective: To support daily wage earners affected by the pandemic.
  • Benefits: One-time financial assistance to daily wage earners.

20. Paray Shikshalay

  • Objective: To promote primary education.
  • Benefits: Neighborhood schooling initiatives for primary education.


  • Objective: To develop roadside amenities.
  • Benefits: Establishment of facilities like restrooms and eateries along highways.


  • Objective: To assist migrant workers.
  • Benefits: Support and aid for migrant workers in distress.

23. Paryatan Sahayata Prakalpa

  • Objective: To promote tourism.
  • Benefits: Financial assistance for tourism-related businesses.

24. Rupashree Prakalpa

  • Objective: To support marriage expenses for girls from low-income families.
  • Benefits: One-time financial grant for marriage.

25. Samarthan

  • Objective: To support the elderly and vulnerable.
  • Benefits: Monthly pensions and support for senior citizens.

26. Snehalaya Prakalpa

  • Objective: To provide housing for the homeless.
  • Benefits: Shelter homes and housing facilities for the homeless.


  • Objective: To support migrant workers during the pandemic.
  • Benefits: Financial aid for migrant workers who returned home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

28. Samajik Mukti (Social Freedom)

  • Objective: To provide social security.
  • Benefits: Various social security measures for different communities.


  • Objective: To provide social security to unorganized workers.
  • Benefits: Pension, health insurance, and other benefits for unorganized sector workers.

30. Sabooj Sathi Scheme

  • Objective: To encourage school attendance.
  • Benefits: Free bicycles for students from classes IX to XII.

31. Sabujshree

  • Objective: To promote environmental awareness.
  • Benefits: Distribution of saplings to newborn girls and their families.

32. Sufal Bangla

  • Objective: To ensure fair prices for farmers and consumers.
  • Benefits: Direct marketing of agricultural products through government outlets.

33. Shishu Sathi Scheme

  • Objective: To provide free medical treatment for children.
  • Benefits: Free treatment for congenital cardiac diseases in children.

34. Sabala Scheme for Adolescent Girls

  • Objective: To empower adolescent girls.
  • Benefits: Nutritional support, health check-ups, and life skills education for girls aged 11-18.

35. Sikshashree Scheme

  • Objective: To support education for SC/ST students.
  • Benefits: Scholarships and financial assistance for SC/ST students from classes V to VIII.

36. Student Credit Card Scheme

  • Objective: To provide financial assistance for higher education.
  • Benefits: Loans up to Rs. 10 lakh with easy repayment terms for students pursuing higher education.

37. Swasthya Sathi Scheme

  • Objective: To provide health insurance.
  • Benefits: Coverage up to Rs. 5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary care.

38. Utkarsh Bangla

  • Objective: To provide skill development training.
  • Benefits: Free vocational training and certification to improve employability.

39. Various Schemes and Programmes for Minority Communities

  • Objective: To uplift minority communities.
  • Benefits: Education, health, and livelihood support through various targeted schemes.

40. Yuvasree (Yuva Utsaha Prakalpa)

  • Objective: To support unemployed youth.
  • Benefits: Monthly financial assistance to registered job seekers to enhance their employability.

The 53 departments of West Bengal Government of India are given below:

Sl No.DepartmentWebsite
1.Agricultural Marketinghttps://agrimarketing.wb.gov.in/
3.Animal Resources Developmenthttps://www.wbard.gov.in/
4.Backward Classes Welfarehttp://www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in/
5.Consumer Affairshttps://wbconsumers.gov.in/
7.Correctional Administrationhttp://wbcorrectionalservices.gov.in/
8.Disaster Management and Civil Defencehttp://wbdmd.gov.in/
11.Fire and Emergency Serviceshttps://wbfes.gov.in/wbfes/
13.Food and Supplieshttps://food.wb.gov.in/
14.Food Processing Industries and Horticulturehttps://www.wbfpih.gov.in/
16.Health and Family Welfarehttps://www.wbhealth.gov.in/
17.Higher Educationhttps://banglaruchchashiksha.wb.gov.in/
18.Home and Hill Affairshttps://home.wb.gov.in/
20.Industry Commerce and Enterpriseshttps://silpasathi.in/
21.Information & Cultural Affairs
22.Information Technology and Electronicshttps://itewb.gov.in/
23.Irrigation and Waterwayshttp://www.wbiwd.gov.in/
26.Land and Land Reforms Refugee Relief and Rehabilitationhttps://banglarbhumi.gov.in/
28.Mass Education Extension and Library Serviceshttps://meels.wb.gov.in/
29.Micro Small and Medium Enterprise and Textilehttps://www.wbmsmet.gov.in/
30.Minority Affairs and Madrasah Educationhttp://wbminorityaffairs.gov.in/
31.Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources
32.North Bengal Developmenthttp://wbnorthbengaldev.gov.in/
33.Panchayat and Rural Developmenthttp://www.wbprd.gov.in/
34.Parliamentary Affairshttps://wbpad.gov.in/
35.Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs
36.Personnel and Administrative Reformshttp://wbpar.gov.in/
37.Planning, Statistics & Programme Monitoringhttp://www.wbpspm.gov.in/
39.Public Enterprises and Industrial Reconstruction
40.Public Health Engineeringhttps://wbphed.gov.in/en/home
41.Public Workshttp://wbpwd.gov.in/
42.School Educationhttps://banglarshiksha.gov.in/
43.Science and Technology and Biotechnologyhttps://www.vigyansathi.in/
44.Self Help Group and Self Employmenthttps://www.shgsewb.gov.in/
45.Sundarban Affairshttps://www.sundarbanaffairswb.in/
46.Technical Education, Training & Skill Developmenthttp://www.wbscvet.nic.in/
49.Tribal Developmenthttp://adibasikalyan.gov.in/
50.Urban Development and Municipal Affairshttps://www.wburbanservices.gov.in/
51.Water resources Investigation and Developmenthttp://wbwridd.gov.in/
52.Women and Child Development and Social Welfarehttp://wbcdwdsw.gov.in/User/wcdw_stat
53.Youth Services and Sportshttps://wbsportsandyouth.gov.in/

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